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September 21, 2016


Released in collaboration with Naked City Studios and GC Records

Paper Flowers

  • Hope
  • Before My Body
  • Paper Flowers
  • My Head

On Shayna Rain’s new EP, the Vegas-based four-piece finds itself on new legs with smoky electro-pop at its foundation. A sharp turn from the outfit’s previously bluesy sound, Paper Flowers finds the group—no longer called Shayna Rain and the Part Time Models—at its most powerful and evocative yet. Singer Shayna Mercer’s sentimental perspective serves as the focal point, with her frosty vocals front and center on the four-song EP. And while the new direction feels organic, Shayna Rain’s new sound was born partly of necessity. “[Bassist] Nick [Boswell] was on tour, and we had to do a benefit show,” Mercer says. [Drummer and producer Steven] Zeller has a project called Dawnr, and he makes electronic music. I have a bunch of solo stuff, so he [was] like, ‘Why don’t we just try to put electronic stuff to your solo stuff?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ve always wanted to do this.’” Written and recorded at Naked City Audio over four months, the EP shows a new level of connectedness within the band. Between Zeller’s downtempo electronics and Mercer’s opaque musings on passion, love and loss, Shayna Rain gradually bares its teeth. From featherlight opener “Hope” to the Warpaint-esque “Before My Body,” Paper Flowers is intricate and powerfully relatable. -LAS VEGAS WEEKLY

In a few short years, Shayna Rain and her assorted group of ruffians have gone from hometown lounge band, to hometown darlings, to incredible band... period.